About Me

My specialty is Engineer/Developer. I am 28 and I have been working in IT sphere over 7 years.
I have been specializing in web-technologies starting from 2007. Currently I work as a web-developer. I develop projects using PHP language, MySQL databases and Jquery. I also have to deal with API of different kinds of services, CURL, SOAP, XML and REST. I also provided technical support services in website administration.
I am ready to complete any tasks in programming on a professional level.
I like my job and the projects I do. I always do my best to complete projects responsibly and in workmanlike manner. Hope you’ll like working with me.


Mari State University

A Teacher of Computer Science and Mathematics July 2009

I started showing interest in programming when I was a student. At first I was interested just in simple programs (softwares) not connected with web-development and they gave me an idea of programming as it is. Later, at senior classes I learnt more about web-programming and developed my first website. Since that moment I have decided on my career and figured out what I want to do in my life.


Pilot Group

Engineer- a Developer July 2011 - October 2015

I am currently working in PG customization department. I deal with different projects: add additional functionality to all PG products, re-develop and remove existing functions according to customers’ requests. By this time I have a great experience in working with customers and can easily find the best and the quickest way of modifying the code according to your requests.


This is what my colleagues say about my skills and experience in web-technologies.

  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • jQuery

Pavel Elsukov - web-developer

I am ready to offer my services in web-development for you (creation from scratch and customization).
If you want to get free consultation services, contact me and I will answer all your questions using my long-term practical experience and mastership in programming.

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